Parish Partnership

Sacred Heart, Clifton Heights, PA

St. Charles Borromeo, Drexel Hill, PA

 St. Hedwig’s Chapel, Chester, PA

Prayer for our Parish Partnership

Heavenly Father,
Your wisdom and providence are beyond our understanding;
surround us with your love so that we may not be overwhelmed
during this time of transition in our parish.
Help us to engage one another with charity, openness and good will as
we begin our parish partnership; and to be patient with the questions that
‘may arise.
We pray for the courage to be open to new possibilities and new ways of
living out our parish mission.
May the richness, diversity and gifts of our people
be treasured and used to strengthen the Body of Christ in our neighborhood,
and witness to your presence in our lives.
let us view this moment of change and renewal,
not as a threat to what has been,
but as an invitation to build on the faith and traditions
that are important to our parish,
through a vibrant, parish partnership
united in mission and dedicated ever more
to the fruitful building up of your Kingdom.
We ask this through Christ our Lord, Amen.